• kerry.young@meadowside.n-yorks.sch.uk
  • 01423 226389

If you are interested in deploying a North Star Specialist Leader of Education:

1) Contact Kerry Young on 01423-866207; kerry.young@meadowside.n-yorks.sch.uk and discuss your needs.

2) North Star will approach colleagues and respond to your request within a week, with some suggestions of dates for the deployment.

3) The SLE will get in contact to discuss the details of the deployment and draw up a Deployment Contract (attached below), signed by the HT of the SLE’s school, the HT of the supported school and the SLE themselves. This will outline the terms of the deployment and agreed outcomes. If you wish to additionally use an Action Plan template, there is one available below.

4) North Star will invoice you for the deployment, and the SLE’s school will invoice North Star for supply costs. The current rate is £350 per day (£175 per half day) for an SLE deployment, of which £300 (or £125) will go to the SLE’s school.

4) Following deployment, you and the SLE will draw up a Record of  Support (attached below) and you will have an opportunity to feedback on your experience to North Star (see forms attached below).

Please find attached: