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Partnership Reviews

North Star and Polaris Partnership ‘Triad’ reviews

Since 2014, all North Star Teaching School Alliance schools have participated in a yearly peer review. Each school was visited by two Head Teachers to observe teaching and learning and leadership, with a focus established by the visited head.

In 2016-7 we trialled Partnership Reviews across 12 North Star and Polaris schools, based on a model used by primary Head Teachers in Peterborough. This trial aimed to enhance collaborative working by having Head Teachers work closer together to support, challenge and hold to account the progress being made in schools.

The Concept

  • Three Head Teachers visit each other’s schools over a two-year period to ensure that change is embedded and there is a long-term impact.
  • There are visits each term, with a specific focus:
    • Autumn – Outcomes for Pupils
    • Spring – Teaching and Learning
    • Summer – Leadership and Management
  • As these visits are more focused, they could be completed over a morning, rather than a full day.
  • The Head Teachers continue to visit each other’s schools over the two-year period.

In the Partnership Reviews, Head Teachers work on specific areas of focus:

  • Attainment and Progress
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership and Management

There is specific time as part of the visits to review the impact and the progress that has been made within these areas.  The visits have as much a focus on support as they do challenge, as it is expected that the three Head Teachers work together to develop the action plans that will see an improvement within the school. These visits are built upon trust and a shared desire to see a continued raising of achievement across all school in the North Star Teaching School Alliance.  The reviews enhance collaboration and are a positive and professionally worthwhile experience for all parties involved.

Following the success of the Partnership Review Trial, alliance members have opted to move across entirely to the Partnership ‘Triad’ Model of peer reviews.