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Maths Hub Mathematics for Early Years Practitioners

The focus of NCETM work on teaching for mastery has been aimed at Primary / Secondary age phases. This has led to schools and practitioners questioning what a teaching for mastery approach might mean for younger children and how to adapt the current curriculum to support effective transition from Reception to Year 1. There is currently a tension between the ELG and Yr 1 expectations that may lead to younger children accelerating through mathematical concepts as opposed to deepening their thinking.

This workgroup has been developed by Sarah Coltman EY Consultant and Kim Mitchell NCETM Mastery Specialist and Teaching for Mastery Lead at YR Maths Hub. The work undertaken seeks to ensure firm mathematical foundations are developed and embedded ready for Year 1 learning and beyond.

Outline of the Programme

The programme comprises 4 full training days.

Days 1 & 2 to be held at Harrogate Grammar School on Friday 14th June and Friday 12th July will focus on:

  • Development of specialist EY specific mathematical subject knowledge
  • Development of knowledge and understanding of early number sense and supporting pedagogy

Days 3 & 4 are North Star local networks to be held at Boroughbridge Primary School  (dates TBC) and will focus on:

  • Development of practice in the classroom. We will take a close look at the maths provision in an EY setting and carry out lesson study following a short teaching session.
  • Work on gap task in own setting

Benefits for participating schools

Participating in the project will provide the following benefits to participants and their schools:

  • Development of specialist EY specific mathematical subject knowledge
  • Development of (research-based) knowledge and understanding of early number sense and supporting pedagogy in order to build children’s deep conceptual understanding of the numbers to 10.
  • Development of an understanding of how to deliver a maths curriculum that develops key concepts in mathematical learning by progression through small steps.
  • Promotion of children’s mathematical enjoyment
  • Children’s improved mathematical number sense
  • Promotion of effective interactions and children’s reasoning


 The workgroup will focus on teaching maths for mastery in line with the national priority including development of a new mindset for teaching of early mathematics underpinned by clear principles and practice which maintains good EY practice whilst embodying a teaching for mastery approach.

It will support the participant’s ability to lead and influence others.

Who can apply?

The workgroup is aimed at practitioners working with Reception and Nursery age children who have the capacity and capability to lead mathematics in their own setting.

Practitioners must be open-minded and willing to learn and share ideas. They should have the potential to be an outstanding role model. It is anticipated that participants will take responsibility for developing and improving the teaching of maths across their own setting and participate in continued development of Early Years Maths through local networks.

Expectations of participating schools

Practitioners chosen to participate in the project commit to the following expectations:

  • Participation in the four training days.
  • Completion of gap tasks.
  • Have the full support of the SLT at their school to fully participate in the project and maximise the benefit across the school.
  • Continued participation in a local supportive network


There is no charge to schools participating in the project.

How to apply

Practitioners interested in applying to be part of the workgroup should complete the application form below evidencing their teaching strength, ability to lead and develop quality EY practice alongside their motivation to join the workgroup.

You can download an application form here: Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub EYFS application form

Please submit your completed application form to the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub at yrmathshub@harrogategrammar.co.uk before Friday 29th March