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Tagtiv8 – active learning games





Tagtiv8 CPD Half Day £100 per person

Tagtiv8 Number / Word Kits

Find out how to use the Tagtiv8 products, the half-day session is practical, hands-on and lots of fun! Pre-order your Tagtiv8 Kit to take away on the day too, at a discount price!

Tagtiv8 Number allows the learners to play various active games in order to develop an understanding of key areas of the Mathematics curriculum. Session plans and activity cards for the ever-growing bank of games are included free of charge. To see some of the games in action, view the video at http://tagtiv8.com/tagtiv8-number/

Tagtiv8 Number CPD                 Monday 25th September 2017 9.00am – 12.00 noon 

                                                            £100 per person

Tagtiv8 Number Kit                    £350 per kit (RRP £395)

Tagtiv8 NumberBook here

Tagtiv8 Number Active Learning games actively develop confidence in Mathematics, focusing on fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

  • Six matching colourful tidy trays to stack and store the Tags. These innovative units help store the Tagtiv8 equipment as well as facilitate easy organisation for the games themselves.
  • 70 Red Tags: Even Numbers (0,2,4,6…100 and 0,2,4,6…20)
  • 62 Yellow Tags: Odd Numbers (1,3,5…99 and 1,3,5…19)
  • 216 Blue Tags: Operation symbols to create number sentences: + – x / = ( )  < >
  • 30 Black Velcro Belts
  • Access to FREE regularly updated Session Plans and Activity Cards

Also available  Tagtiv8 Word CPD & Kit

Tagtiv8 Word CPD                        Monday 2nd October 2017 9.00am – 12.00 noon

Tagtiv8 WordBook here