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Senior Leadership Development Programme 2017-2018

This programme is for both existing team leaders as well as those with clear leadership potential for early responsibility.

The three-day course seeks to meet the needs of those who wish to develop their ideas about wider senior school leadership, Teaching Alliance and system leadership, who wish to maximise their skills and effectiveness – and who also seek to make further professional progress. The programme will be underpinned by an emphasis on the key skills of coaching and constructive communication.

The course will also use the unifying vehicle of an individual ‘senior leadership focus’ (research option) to generate learning.

This programme was run very successfully in previous years with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Comments include:

‘Course delivered in a lively, engaging & inspiring way.’

‘Ed Lott, fantastic, motivational speaker, learnt a lot about leadership styles’

‘Improving the vision/roles of the SLT can only have a positive impact on learning.’

Course Delivery

The programme will be delivered by Ed Lott. Ed is an ex-headteacher and is a former National College for School Leadership Associate Leader with over thirty years experience in education and professional development. Full programme notes and on-line support are included.

Course content

Thursday 19th October 2017 9:00-3:30 – Self, Role, Context

  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Senior and System Leadership.
  • Accountability and the Senior Leader or SLE.
  • Coaching and Communication skills.
  • Senior Leadership Styles.
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Senior Leader.
  • The Senior Leadership Focus (Research Option)

Wednesday 31st January 2018 9:00-3:30 – Building High-Performing School Teams

  • Team Theory and why it counts.
  • Nine Key Team Features and the ‘GRIP’ analysis.
  • Distributed Leadership: key strategies.
  • Performance Management issues.
  • Assessment and Appraisal techniques.
  • The Senior Leadership Focus (Research Option)

Thursday 24th May 2018 9:00-3:30 – Dealing with the Difficult

  • Conflict resolution, key strategies.
  • The Senior Leadership Learning Conversation.
  • The Self-Supporting School System, MATs and OFSTED.
  • Working with Headteachers, Deputies and Governors.
  • Leading in the new Self-Supporting School System
  • Next Steps – your Leadership Development Portfolio.


Meadowside Academy, Halfpenny Lane, Knaresborough, HG5 0SL


The programme costs £300 per delegate for North Star members, £400 for non-members.

Book here: To book please contact North Star

Please note that in the event of a cancellation the following terms will be applied:

Cancellations within two weeks of the first event: 50% charge; cancellations within 48 hrs of the event/no show: 100% charge. If delegates do not attend all three days, your school will still be charged the full amount.