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Closing the Gap

  This one day, intensive, interactive programme will enable participants to investigate and understand the costs, evidence-base and impact of the many recent classroom-based initiatives that have been used in our efforts to narrow the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their peers and to consider afresh the differences between outstanding and unsuccessful schools.

  School-based interventions (SBIs) can help ‘close the gap’ and there are good summaries of evidence available to teachers and policy makers from research organisations such as the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF), and from Kate Pickett at the University of York with Dr Laura Vanderbloemen, authors of the research survey ‘Mind the Gap: Tackling Social and Educational Inequality’.

  It is becoming clear that spending on education, including targeted spending such as the Pupil Premium, can certainly make a difference – and the evidence shows that it is most likely to do so in schools which are already successful. Yet targeted spending is not sufficient on its own to close the attainment gap and reduce educational inequalities.

  This informative and high-energy day also reflects the recently published ‘Children, their World, their Education’ (the Final Report and Recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review) which promotes and evaluates practical strategies for narrowing the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and others.

Course Content

Welcome and Introduction: Raising Attainment and Reducing Inequality.

Session One: What does the research tell us about current School-based Initiatives (SBIs)?

Session Two: ‘Costs, Evidence and Impact’ – a first activity to deepen individual understanding.


Session Three: ‘Selecting SBIs with the best evidence of cost-effective impact’ – small group activity.


Session Four: ‘Agreeing Priorities for School Improvement’ – small group activity.

Session Five: ‘Presenting SBI Priorities to Governors, Colleagues and  Parents’ – small group activity.


Session Six: ‘Implementing and evaluating SBIs across the School Year’   – small group activity.

Plenary and Close with networking and on-line options.

Course Delivery

The course will be delivered by Ed Lott. Ed is an ex-headteacher and is a National College Consultant Leader with over thirty years’ experience in education and professional development training.