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We are delighted to be working with Early Excellence and will be hosting an Early Excellence Briefing in the summer term 2019.

An essential session for Headteachers, Senior Leaders and EYFS Leads with information to keep you up to speed with national initiatives and  policy developments. Don’t miss out on the vital opportunity to consider how these will impact on you and your team, and your EYFS practice and provision.

The Briefings will update you on essential information about the new OFSTED framework with its increased focus on the curriculum and provide you with an opportunity to consider how this new focus might shape the inspection process in general – and specifically the inspection of EYFS aged children.

You will also gain the very latest updates and an Early Excellence perspective on both the new baseline pilot programme and the revisions to the Early Learning Goals and the EYFS Profile.


18th June 2018, 9am to 12.30pm (North Star EYFS Subject Leader Development Day will continue in the afternoon for members only)


Burn Hall, Tollerton Road, Huby, York YO61 1JB.


£95.00 per person for non members

Multiple-place discounts available

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