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North Star has had the pleasure of working with Liz Gibb in our Maths provision.  Liz Gibb is an experienced Teacher, Trainer, publisher and independent Mathematics Consultant working nationally and internationally. Please find the resources below for her recent sessions.

Developing a feel for number in EYFS

In light of the 2018-2019 EYFS pilot, the publication Bold Beginnings and the possible future reduction of ELG in mathematics, this course seeks to show how to promote the thinking of young children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and develop a feel for number. During the afternoon, delegates will think about how they can start to draw out maths related concepts across a variety of common EYFS themes.

Training objectives

  • consider a mastery approach to teaching and learning through the expert use of variation theory and current classroom resources
  • experience a variety of themes and approaches to teaching number in EYFS
  • explore useful learning and teaching books and classroom resources


k line master 5s Developing number sense Early Years ELG numbers to 20 PlayDoughMatTrees Sample cards sunflower-11-20-number-mats
Beadstrings 1-20 Flash Cards and Activities Bold Beginnings 2017 Counting Back Counting On EYFS Pilot 2018-2019 NRICH EYFS Spot on with number resource sheets
Using a twenty bead string with young children activity 1

Using a twenty bead string with young children activity 2

Beadstring 1 to 20 sheets numbers without coloured background

Beadstring 1 to 20 sheets numbers with blue background

Beadstring 1 to 20 resource sheets without background colour

Beadstring 1 to 20 resource sheets with background colour

 Annex_C-Technical_document-Bold_beginnings (1)





Counting Apples


Easter Eggs

Easter Rabbits

Five Cuddly Bears

Five Current buns in a bakers shop

Five Little Birdies

Five Little Ducks

Five little frogs sitting on a well

Five Little Frogs

Five Little Pirates

Five Little Seashells

Five little snowmen

Monkeys On the Bed

Spider Countdown Ten in a Bed

Ten little pigs rolled in the mud

Three Little Pennies






Five Little Bees

Five Little Kites

Five Little Peas

Here is a Beehive

Here is the beehive


One Two Three Four five




The menagerie






Mathematics Educational Programme Developing…




Building Towers




Dressing Up

Exploring 2-d shape


Golden Beans

I Have A Box

Incey Wincey

Long Creatures

Making A Picture

Making caterpillars

Making footprints

Maths Story Time







Scooters Bikes Trikes

Shapes In The Bag


Small World Play



Tubes and Tunnels

Washing Line

Wrapping Parcels

Spot on with number free resource

Spot on with number Links

Spot on with number partitioning

Spot on with number patterns

Spot on with number subitise

Spot on with number visualise

Multiplication Tables Check

In June 2020, the new statutory Multiplication Tables check for Year 4 will be administered across the UK. This short course begins with looking at the documentation from the DFE into the MTC and any key points from schools trialing the materials in June 2019. During the morning the delegates will look at progression in multiplication and learning times table facts. There will be an opportunity to experience a large range of resources and games to use back in the classroom.

This is an active and hands on course. It is advisable to bring an iPad or camera phone with you to capture the various models and images and a memory stick should you require any bespoke electronic resources on the day from Liz.

At the end of the course, a pack of resources, including a pdf copy of the powerpoint mini slides handout will be available to download from www.dropbox.com

Training objectives

  • look at the latest documentation for the MCT and consider the implications for LKS2 teachers.
  • examine progression in teaching multiplication
  • explore a range of key resources that can be used in the classroom
  • experience games and activities that support learning times tables facts in preparation for the times tables check in Year 4


Multiplication Multiplication Number Square 1 – 10
MTC Multiplication Number Square Puzzle 1 – 10 Multiplication problem solving cards Multiplication sentences Multiplication square Multiplication Square Jigsaw Mastery questions from the web




Multiplication number squares set 1 1 & 2

Multiplication number squares set 1 3 & 4

Multiplication number squares set 1 5 & 6

Multiplication number squares set 1 7 & 8

Multiplication number squares set 1 9 & 10

Folding paper squares single card

Multiples of 3 abacus single card

Multiplication calculation single slide

Rockets single card

Square numbers single card

Three-digit square numbers single card

Two – multiplication sentences

Three – multiplication sentences

Four – multiplication sentences

Five – multiplication sentences

Six – multiplication sentences

Seven – multiplication sentences

Eight – multiplication sentences

Nine – multiplication sentences

Ten – multiplication sentences


Multiplication square white numbers so can’t be seen

Multiplication square 2 & 5 x highlighted

Multiplication square 2 5 & 10 x highlighted

Multiplication square 2 x highlighted

Multiplication square

Multiplication jigsaw board

Multiplication jigsaw pieces

Mastery multiplication and division Year 1

Mastery multiplication and division Year 2

Mastery multiplication and division Year 3

Mastery multiplication and division Year 4

Mastery multiplication and division Year 5

Mastery multiplication and division Year 6

What is special about this square